Siti Asmah Daud

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The pump power and thulium-doped fiber (TDF) length for both single-pass and double-pass Thulium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (TDFA) are theoretically optimized by solving differential equations. The 1050 nm pump is used to provide both ground-state and excitedstate absorptions for amplification in the S-band region. The TDFA is saturated at a shorter length with(More)
Most electrical appliances require continuous power supply. For domestic use, crucial appliances such as refrigerator, aquarium and alarm system highly depend upon the continuity of power supply. However, if they are left without electricity due to power outage or blackouts caused by internal or external disturbance, the discontinuity of power supply could(More)
This paper presents reconstruction of objects using multiple-views of 2D images. As a first step to get familiar in research field, it is simply done with several MATLAB image processing tools while acquisition of data is captured by a digital camera where the object statically stands in front of a cardboard as a background. The digital camera used is a(More)
Phototherapy is a form of treatment for skin conditions, using light sources which are regularly used to treat jaundice. Common light sources used in phototherapy systems include fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, fibre optic and also light emitting diodes (LED). Currently, blue LEDs are found to be used in phototherapy devices due to its unique(More)
This paper presents a multi-view structured-light approach for surface scanning to reconstruct three-dimensional (3D) object using a turntable. It is a modification from DAVID 3D Scanner SLS-1 (Structured-Light Scanner) as a starting point of study on improving and builds a complete system of 3D structured-light based scanner. This type of scanner uses a(More)
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