Siti Arpah Noordin

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This interpretive study explored tacit knowledge in Malaysian academia. Academicians are important assets in institutions of higher learning; therefore it is critical to understand tacit knowledge which resides in them. The lack of understanding of tacit knowledge impedes the efforts of managing it as a source of competitive advantage. The research employs(More)
Experience contributes to tacit knowledge acquisition but its role especially in the academic domain remains unclear. This study investigates the role of experience in tacit knowledge acquisition in Malaysian academia using the mixed methods approach with grounded theory as the qualitative approach followed by survey. It is discovered that tacit knowledge(More)
Information System (IS), has been extended to Knowledge Management System (KMS) focusing on knowledge as main contents instead of information. While KMS evolving rapidly, with the awareness of treating knowledge as an organizational memory, evolved Organizational Memory System (OMS). The three tools (IS, KMS and OMS) are to manage data, information and(More)
Sayong clay is a material for craft making of the traditional pottery in Malaysia. The pottery work crafted as a water vessel adapting the form of pumpkin/bottle gourd is called Labu Sayong. Further inspired by the nature, the decoration on Labu Sayong body used the flora and fauna as main motif. In this present work, a hypothetical framework of using(More)
just in time information and knowledge to support research strategist and activities. Unfortunately researcher found the vital research knowledge in IHL (Institutions of Higher Learning) are scattered, unstructured and unorganized. Aiming on lay aside conceptual foundations for understanding and developing OMS (Organizational Memory System) to facilitate(More)
Driven by the limited amount of research investigating the relationship between knowledge conversion abilities and innovation, a study was conducted to fill the gap. Adopting a survey research methodology involving 328 administrative and diplomatic officers working in Malaysian Federal Ministries, the study found that most dimensions of knowledge conversion(More)
This research covers the product design process that involved study on concept or theme that lead to final production process. In this study, modern and contemporary teapot design was conceptualized by fusioning the Malay iconic heritage elements of traditional Labu Sayong (gourd-shaped water vessel). The fused design finally leads to a teapot without(More)