Siti Aekbal Salleh

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology now become a new trend for the home builders and buyers of the twentieth century, in order to have not only good in structure, but also more environmentally friendly. Understanding the rooftop PV potential is important for planning, accommodate grid capacity, and many more, this paper demonstrate the technique utilizing(More)
This paper discusses about a research with the aim of investigating the potential integration of 3D GIS and virtual technology in designing and developing residential property marketing information system. The method adopted in this research is a standard system development lifecycle; commencing with the user requirements study, followed by the system(More)
The purpose of this study was to construct a stability study of nanoemulsion-based hydrogel formulation and evaluate the profile of the formulation that exhibits the best stability. Olive oil was chosen as oil phase of nanoemulsion due to its superiority as an emollient and it has good skin permeation capability. In this study, a series of nanoemulsion(More)
In this present study, the palm oil nanoemulsion hydrogels were formulated and stability of palm oil nanoemulsion hydrogels were investigated. The nanoemulsion hydrogel formulations that passed through droplet size test were characterized for viscoelastic behaviour. The best formulation was the one with composition of 10% palm oil (5:1 PO:L1695), 4.67%(More)
Land surface albedo has large daily and seasonal variation in many regions. Malaysia, for being located at the tropical region, experiencing constant illumination of sun and receiving two monsoon seasons namely northeast and southwest and two inter-monsoon seasons in Mar-May and during Oct-Nov, the diurnal variation of heat may somewhat be different. This(More)
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