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A series of histochemical procedures were employed to localize and characterize glycoprotein (GP) classes elaborated in the epithelia of the upper and lower lips and associated structures, namely the rostral cap, the adhesive pad, the horny upper and lower jaw sheaths and the folds of skin between them, of a hill stream fish Garra lamta. The epithelia of(More)
Thirty-one cases of untreated 'mild hypertension' and equal number of age and sex matched controls with 'normal' blood pressure were evaluated by echocardiography. Patients with mild hypertension had significantly increased left ventricular mass index, concentric remodeling, and diastolic dysfunction. Thickness of right ventricular anterior wall, flow(More)
  • S R Mittal
  • 2014
A case of unstable angina developed slow junctional rhythm with QTc prolongation and transient Torsades de pointes following simultaneous use of Ivabradine, Diltiazem and Ranolazine. Effect of Diltiazem on hepatic isoenzyme CYP 3A could be responsible. Such a combination should be avoided.
  • S R Mittal
  • 2013
Detailed echocardiographic evaluation was performed on sixty-four normal persons without any cardiovascular risk factor and clinic blood pressure of 120/80 mm of Hg or less with an aim to find, if there are subclinical echocardiographic changes even in this population. There was significant positive linear correlation between mean arterial pressure and LV(More)
Four cases of congenital heart disease with right ventricular overload and echocardiographic evidence of persistent right ventricular regional wall motion abnormalities are presented. Right ventricular infarction could be a possibility. Such regional wall motion abnormalities could add to overall right ventricular dysfunction in these cases.(More)
Ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation are very frequent during transvenous pacing in the presence of acute right ventricular infarction. An acceptable pacing threshold is not usually achieved. A relatively high pacing threshold should, therefore, be accepted in these cases with minimum catheter manipulation. Invisible or very small pacing(More)
Our experience with 18 cases of isolated right ventricular infarction is reported and the literature is reviewed. Chronic lung disease with right ventricular hypertrophy is an important risk factor. Chest pain is the usual symptom at presentation but some cases can have breathlessness, palpitations or syncope. Some cases can have sinus bradycardia, atrial(More)
Detailed echocardiographic evaluation of right ventricular muscle thickness and systolic functions was performed in twenty two cases of isolated rheumatic mitral stenosis without clinical signs of systemic venous congestion, tricuspid regurgitation or atrial fibrillation. Twenty two age and sex matched normal persons formed the control group. Right(More)