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Squirrel: a decentralized peer-to-peer web cache
This paper presents a decentralized, peer-to-peer web cache called Squirrel, which exhibits performance comparable to a centralized web cache in terms of hit ratio, bandwidth usage and latency. Expand
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Anticipatory scheduling: a disk scheduling framework to overcome deceptive idleness in synchronous I/O
We propose the anticipatory disk scheduling framework to solve this problem in a simple, general and transparent way, based on the non-work-conserving scheduling discipline. Expand
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Practical, transparent operating system support for superpages
We propose an effective superpage management system for FreeBSD on the Alpha CPU, and evaluate it on real workloads and benchmarks. Expand
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Practical, transparent operating system support for superpages
Most general-purpose processors provide support for memory pages of large sizes, called superpages. Superpages enable each entry in the translation lookaside buffer (TLB) to map a large physicalExpand
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A Resource Management Framework for Predictable Quality of Service in Web Servers
This paper presents a resource management framework for providing predictable quality of service (QoS) in Web servers. The framework allows Web server and proxy operators to ensure a probabilisticExpand
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Druschel the effect of deceptive idleness on disk schedulers
We solve deceptive idleness by designing a transparent, non-work-conserving scheduling framework for various scheduling policies. Expand
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Advanced memory management and disk scheduling techniques for general-purpose operating systems
Adaptive memory management is a technique that informs applications of the severity of memory pressure via a metric that quantifies the cost of using memory. Expand
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A performance study of snoopy and directory based cache-coherence protocols
—There are two dominant schemes of cache-coherence protocols in use today, namely snoopy-and directory-based. In snoopy-based systems, all coherence transactions are broadcast and therefore seen byExpand
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Application-assisted physical memor y management for general-purpose operating systems
Manysoftware applicationscan, in principle, trademain memoryconsumption for other resources. For instance, garbagecollectedlanguageruntimescantradecollection overheadfor heap size,Expand
Application-assist ed physical memor y management
Many software applications can, in principle, trade main memory consumption for other resources. For instance, garbage collected language runtimes can trade collection overhead for heap size, andExpand