Sitaram C. V. Raju

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Embedded real-time systems often operate under strict timing and dependability constraints. To ensure responsiveness, these systems must be able to provide the expected services in a timely manner even in the presence of faults. In this paper, we describe a run-time environment for monitoring of timing constraints in distributed real-time systems. In(More)
In this paper, we describe a run-time environment for monitoring distributed real-time systems. In particular, we focus on the problem of detecting violations of timing assertions in an environment in which the real-time tasks run on multiple processors, and timing constraints can be either inter-processor or intra-processor constraints. Constraint(More)
We describe a toolset, consisting of a graphical editor, a simulator, and an assertion checker, for prototyping distributed real-time systems that are speci ed as Communicating Real-time State Machines (CRSMs). CRSMs are timed state machines that communicate synchronously over uni-directional channels. The system behavior of CRSMs is characterized by a(More)
Traffic Engineering (TE) is an important aspect of contemporary network management. Offline traffic engineering approaches aim to optimize network resources in a static manner, but require accurate estimation of traffic matrices in order to produce optimized network configurations for long-term operation. In order to avoid network congestion and subsequent(More)
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