Sitaram Bhagavathy

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In this paper, we propose, an affine-invariant-method for describing and matching curves. This is important since affine transformations are often used to model perspective distortions. More specifically, we propose a new definition of the shape of a curve that characterizes a curve independently of the effects introduced by affine distortions. By combining(More)
In this report, we propose a wavelet-based content descriptor with which we implement an image retrieval system. Initially, we propose the wavelet-based weighted standard deviation texture descriptor. We then show how to extend this descriptor to characterize both texture and color in images. Thus, we obtain a compact feature vector that characterizes(More)
We evaluated the effects of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease on pharmacokinetics of antituberculosis medications by measuring concentrations of isoniazid and rifampin in blood and of pyrazinamide and ethambutol in urine. Peak concentration and exposure were reduced for rifampin, and rapid acetylators of isoniazid had lower drug levels. HIV and(More)
We propose the use of texture motifs, or characteristic spatially recurrent patterns for modeling and detecting geospatial objects. A method is proposed for learning a texture motif model from object examples and detecting objects based on the learned model. The model is learned in a two-layered framework—the first learns the constituent “texture elements”(More)
What are the natural features of hand-written characters and how to arrive at them automatically? We apply independent components analysis on hand-written characters. Independent components analysis extracts the underlying statistically independent signals from a mixure of them. We expect strokes to be the independent components of handwritten characters.(More)
The ITU-T Recommendation G.1070 is a standardized opinion model for video telephony applications that uses video bitrate, frame rate, and packet-loss rate to measure the video quality. However, this model was original designed as an offline quality planning tool. It cannot be directly used for quality monitoring since the above three input parameters are(More)
In 3D Video (3DV) applications, a reduced number of views plus depth maps are transmitted or stored. When there is a need to render virtual views in between the actual views, the technique of depth image based rendering (DIBR) can be used to generate the intermediate views. To address the problem of noisy depth information in 3DV systems, we propose novel(More)
A method is proposed for reducing the visibility of ldquocontour artifacts,rdquo i.e., false contours resulting from color quantization in digital images. The method performs a multiscale analysis on the neighborhood of each pixel, determines the presence and scale of contour artifacts, and probabilistically dithers (perturbs) the color of the pixel. The(More)