Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu

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During last few decades accurate determination of protein structural class using a fast and suitable computational method has been a challenging problem in protein science. In this context a meaningful representation of a protein sample plays a key role in achieving higher prediction accuracy. In this paper based on the concept of Chou's pseudo amino acid(More)
Accurate identification of protein-coding regions (exons) in DNA sequences has been a challenging task in bioinformatics. Particularly the coding regions have a 3-base periodicity, which forms the basis of all exon identification methods. Many signal processing tools and techniques have been applied successfully for the identification task but still(More)
Protein-protein interactions govern almost all biological processes and the underlying functions of proteins. The interaction sites of protein depend on the 3D structure which in turn depends on the amino acid sequence. Hence, prediction of protein function from its primary sequence is an important and challenging task in bioinformatics. Identification of(More)
Predicting the structure of a protein from primary sequence is one of the challenging problems in Molecular biology. In this context, protein structural class information provides a key idea of their structure and also other features related to the biological function. In this paper we present a new optimization approach based on Genetic algorithm (GA) and(More)
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