Sitanath Biswas

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This paper describes a hybrid system that applies maximum entropy (MaxEnt) model with Hidden Markov model (HMM) and some linguistic rules to recognize name entities in Oriya language. The main advantage of our system is, we are using both HMM and MaxEnt model successively with some manually developed linguistic rules. First we are using MaxEnt to identify(More)
BACKGROUND The overexpression of oestrogen-related receptor-β (ERRβ) in breast cancer patients is correlated with improved prognosis and longer relapse-free survival, and the level of ERRβ mRNA is inversely correlated with the S-phase fraction of cells from breast cancer patients. METHODS Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) cloning of ERRβ(More)
This paper describes about the development of a two stage hybrid Named Entity Recognition (NER) system for Indian Languages particularly for Hindi, Oriya, Bengali and Telugu. We have used both statistical Maximum Entropy Model (MaxEnt) and Hidden Markov Model (HMM) in this system. We have used variety of features and contextual information for predicting(More)
Currently, computers are changing from single, isolated devices into entry points to a worldwide network of information exchange and business transactions called the World Wide Web (WWW). However, the success of the WWW has made it increasingly difficult to find, access, present and maintain the information required by a wide variety of users. In response(More)
The internet has taken a central role in our communication infrastructure. The demand for internet has increased a lot but the problem is slow convergence of routing protocol after a failure has occurred. To assure a fast recovery from the link and node failures, we present new recovery scheme called multiple routing configuration (MRC).Our proposed scheme(More)
AI researchers have several overlapping objectives. Among these are: to build systems that aid humans in intellectual tasks; to build agents that can function autonomously in circumscribed domains; to build a general science of intelligence as manifested in animals, humans, and machines; and to build versatile agents with human-level intelligence or beyond.(More)
— Free and open source software is one of the effective tool that can make the world self-dependent. It facilitates the design and use of your own software. This can also lead to economic liberty as the FOSS is available at a very low cost. These softwares are also more secure as the users can report the threats or bugs to the developers and developers can(More)
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