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Pain remains an area of considerable unmet clinical need, and this is particularly true of pain associated with bone metastases, in part because existing analgesic drugs show only limited efficacy in many patients and in part because of the adverse side effects associated with these agents. An important issue is that the nature and roles of the algogens(More)
This review selectively explores some areas of pain research that, until recently, have been poorly understood. We have chosen four topics that relate to clinical pain and we discuss the underlying mechanisms and related pathophysiologies contributing to these pain states. A key issue in pain medicine involves crucial events and mediators that contribute to(More)
BACKGROUND Anorectal melanoma is a rare type of malignant melanoma and thus the epidemiology of patients with this tumor has been poorly defined. OBJECTIVE To describe the epidemiology of anorectal melanoma in the United States. METHODS AND MATERIALS We obtained case and population data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results 13 Registries(More)
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