Sita Ramakrishnan

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This paper presents an improvement to existing class test ordering strategies by including coupling measures to reduce non-determinism and decrease the number of stubs to be produced. Our novel strategy aims to lift the known methods from class hierarchies to component-based product lines in which so-called connectors between components are key entities for(More)
Resource-constraint nature of wireless sensor network (WSN) turns the security issue certainly into a big challenge. An efficient key management scheme is the pre-requisite to ensure security in WSN. In this paper we present two versions of a secured key management protocol (SecCOSEN) adopted on COSEN, a chain oriented sensor network, which is used for(More)
Concurrency and communication are two of the key features of distributed systems. These features can make systematic testing of distributed systems a complex task. A major problem is the explosion of the test space because of the potential for arbitrary interference of concurrent threads. This paper describes an approach for systematic testing of such(More)
This paper presents our rationale in setting up an innovative studio lab called the MUSE (Monash University Software Engineering) Studio Lab for our final year undergraduate Software Engineering students in 2002, an evaluation of the outcomes for 2002 and plans for 2003 and beyond. We describe the Monash University Software Engineering (MUSE) Strategy to(More)
Web-based discussion forums are used in a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Monash University. The enthusiastic adoption of these facilities by students has impacted upon staff worklods and recently concerns have been raised by staff about the time and effort required to manage them.(More)
Our ability to test a distributed system is directly related to the quality of the system's speci cation. The speci cation must be complete. That is, the system should have a speci ed behavior for every point in the input space. The speci cations of all of the components in the system must be consistent with each other. Ultimately the speci cation must(More)
Context-aware Web services are identified as an important technology to support new applications on the future Internet. Context information has several qualities that make the development of these services challenging, compared to conventional, Web services. Therefore, sound software engineering practices are needed during their development and execution.(More)
This paper presents our template-based approach in building a web-based system titled "Dynamic curriculum Organisation by Innovation through Technology (DoIT)". We have considered the meta-environment of any course development process and found that we can produce two kinds of knowledge assets from this environment. A delivery (asset) environment forms the(More)
This paper introduces a component-based integration testing method with an architectural test coverage criteria. This method is suitable for systems that lack system documentation and is applicable during regression testing and deployment phase. This paper also presents the initial results of an empirical study that validates the proposed test coverage(More)