Sistine A. Barretto

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The promise of electronic decision support to promote evidence based practice remains elusive in the context of chronic disease management. We examine the problem of achieving a close relationship of Electronic Health Record (EHR) content to other components of a clinical information system (guidelines, decision support and workflow), particularly linking(More)
We describe an approach to healthcare coordination using object life cycles (OLCs) [1]. By consulting the OLC of a given patient object instance, the legal methods to apply to that object at that time can be identified – acting as a resource for a clinical workstation accessing the Internet-based instance stored by the host of the interorganisational(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify food consumption patterns in the city of S. Paulo, from 1990 to 1996, and compare these patterns with those derived from nutritionally balanced food baskets (FB). METHODS Household budget surveys were verified and the percentage of food expenditures was assessed according to three food groups: semi-elaborated, industrialized and(More)
With the rising prevalence of chronic illness, there is a growing pressure to develop systems that engender evidencebased care. The potential for workflow support to coordinate services and improve communication in the context of chronic disease management is intuitively appealing, but is still a challenging (and hence rarely seen) accomplishment in(More)
INTRODUCTION The DISEASE & PROCON Basket (DPB) is a list of basic foodstuffs, drawn up on the basis of a Standard of Living and Work Research project in S. Paulo city, Brazil. Seeing that it has been used as a standard for price variations, it is desirable that such an economic instrument as this, should also represent a truly healthy standard of nutrition.(More)
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