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We determine conservative and dissipative tip-sample interaction forces from the amplitude and phase response of acoustically driven atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers using a non-polar model fluid (octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, which displays strong molecular layering) and atomically flat surfaces of highly ordered pyrolytic graphite. Taking into(More)
We analyze the dynamics of an atomic force microscopy ͑AFM͒ cantilever oscillating in liquid at subnanometer amplitude in the presence of tip-sample interaction. We present AFM measurements of oscillatory solvation forces for octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane on highly oriented pyrolitic graphite and compare them to a harmonic oscillator model that incorporates(More)
Solvated polymer brushes are well known to lubricate high-pressure contacts, because they can sustain a positive normal load while maintaining low friction at the interface. Nevertheless, these systems can be sensitive to wear due to interdigitation of the opposing brushes. In a recent publication, we have shown via molecular dynamics simulations and atomic(More)
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