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Borderline Virginities: Sacred and Secular Virgins in Late Antiquity
the pagan state religion to widespread Christianity. S.’s emphasis on the fluidity of practices and beliefs and on the non-standardisation of much religious practice at this time are important notes,Expand
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Religionsvitenskap, ritualer og ritualisering i skolen
Hva slags ritualer deltar elevene i, i lopet av sin skolegang? Hvorfor blir noen ritualer kontroversielle og vekker debatt ar etter ar, mens det er andre man knapt vet eksisterer? Hvilke ritualer erExpand
Made Up Prophecies: Metamodern Play with Religion, Spirituality and Monomyth in the LEGO Universe
With a focus on The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, but with references to numerous other LEGO products of various media, in this chapter, author Sissel Undheim identifies some waysExpand
The Wise and the Foolish Virgins: Representations of Vestal Virginity and Pagan Chastity by Christian Writers in Late Antiquity
Abstract:Chastity and virginity played various roles in the pluralistic religious landscape of the Roman Empire in late antiquity. As Christian authors increasingly came to promote chastity andExpand
Consecrated Virgins as Living Reliquaries in Late Antiquity
This article discusses the ways in which the physical presence of consecrated virgins was perceived, described, and subsequently altered in Late Antiquity. In the course of the fourth and fifthExpand
The Sacred Power of Lego-Chi
With a focus on the significance attributed to ‘Chi’ in Lego, Legends of Chima, the aim of this article is to examine how religion is produced, reproduced and transmitted in the products andExpand
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Christus Virgo: Representations of Christ as a Virgin in Early Christianity and Late Antiquity
The description of Christ as a virgin, 'Christus virgo', does occur at rare occasions in Early Christian and late antique texts. Considering that 'virgo' was a term that most commonly described theExpand
Spiritual Lego. Temples, rituals and New Age in Ninjago and Chima
This paper discusses the presence and use of eastern inspired New Age concepts in the creation of two recent and very popular additions to the Lego brick collections: Lego Ninjago and Lego, LegendsExpand
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