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Quantum models of higher level brain functions such as conscious experience, suggest that the neural correlate of mentation requires dynamical properties instantiated at the Planck-scale. Several candidate quantum processes have been suggested, but it remains to be seen how these quantum properties can relate to the established classical signals in the(More)
Here, we propose that global brain function is geared towards the implementation of intelligent motricity. Motricity is the only possible external manifestation of nervous system function (other than endocrine and exocrine secretion and the control of vascular tone). The intelligence component of motricity requires, for its successful wheeling, a prediction(More)
Pellionisz and Llinás proposed, years ago, a geometric interpretation towards understanding brain function. This interpretation assumes that the relation between the brain and the external world is determined by the ability of the central nervous system (CNS) to construct an internal model of the external world using an interactive geometrical relationship(More)
Mathematical modeling of ionic diffusion along K ion channels indicates that such diffusion is oscillatory, at the weak non-Markovian limit. This finding leads us to derive a Schrödinger-Langevin equation for this kind of system within the framework of stochastic quantization. The Planck's constant is shown to be relevant to the Lagrangian action at the(More)
It is evident from a wide range of experimental findings that ion channel gating is inherently stochastic. The issue of "memory effects" (diffusional retardation due to local changes in water viscosity) in ionic flow has been recently addressed using Brownian dynamics simulations. The results presented indicate such memory effects are negligible, unless the(More)
The frequency shift of spectral lines from astronomical objects is most often explained by the Doppler Effect arising in relative motion and the broadening of a particular line is supposed to depend on the absolute temperature , pressure or the different line of sight velocities.. The Wolf effect on the other hand deals with correlation induced spectral(More)
The frequency shift of spectral lines is most often explained by the Doppler Effect in terms of relative motion, whereas theDoppler broadening of a particular line mainly depends on the absolute temperature. The Wolf effect on the other hand deals with the correlation induced spectral change and explains both the broadening and shift of the spectral lines.(More)