Sirpa Rasmus

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We studied trends and variability in snow and climate characteristics in 1978-2012 in the Värriötunturit fell area, northern Finland. Cold season changes were examined using long-term observational data on snow depths, meteorological data, large-scale climate indices, and reindeer herders' experiences with difficult snow conditions. Snow depths declined,(More)
Weather station measurements were used to force the SNOWPACK snow model and combined with reindeer herders' experiences to study the local and regional variations in snow conditions in a Finnish reindeer herding area for the 1981-2010 period. Winter conditions varied significantly between the four selected herding districts and between open and forest(More)
Estimation of snow moisture (total liquid water content) and the fraction of snow covered area (SCA) is investigated by applying multi-year ERS-2 SAR and Envisat ASAR data sets. Additionally, the feasibility of Envisat MERIS for the operative monitoring of SCA in boreal forests is discussed and analysed. An inversion approach for the moisture retrieval from(More)
We studied climate trends and the occurrence of rare and extreme temperature and precipitation events in northern Fennoscandia in 1914–2013. Weather data were derived from nine observation stations located in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. The results showed that spring and autumn temperatures and to a lesser extent summer temperatures increased(More)
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