Sirkka Tattari

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[This project aims at providing planners with a grid which would allow a comparison between Best Management Practices (BMPs) in terms of environmental efficiency, economic cost and potential acceptability by farmers. A comparison between different existing or simulated BMPs (Best Management Practices) has been carried out through a cost/effectiveness(More)
In this study the impacts of different agricultural policies on agricultural production and nutrient leaching from agricultural lands are evaluated using the economic DREMFIA agricultural sector model and a field scale nutrient transport model ICECREAM. DREMFIA includes an evolutionary scheme of technology diffusion which considers farm investments,(More)
Automatic on-line measurement stations for water quality components and water level were equipped with dataloggers and GSM transmitters; the stations were installed at two sites in the Yläneenjoki river basin, SW Finland. Measurements during five seasons in 2006-2007 were conducted to find out whether the produced data would provide more accurate estimates(More)
The worldwide economic downturn and the climate change in the beginning of 21st century have stressed the need for cost efficient and systematic operations model for the monitoring and management of surface waters. However, these processes are still all too fragmented and incapable to respond these challenges. For example in Finland, the estimation of the(More)
The paper summarizes an evaluation of practicability of rural countermeasures after radioactive fallout in northern conditions carried out by a Finnish group of experts in the FARMING Network project. Snow and soil frost limit the selection of crops, and the short growing season allows mostly one harvest yearly. Cold climate restricts fruit production to(More)
Long-term data from a network of intensively monitored research catchments in Finland was analysed. We studied temporal (1981-2010) and spatial variability in nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), from 1987 losses, both from agricultural and forestry land. Based on trend analysis, total nitrogen (TN) concentrations increased in two of the four agricultural sites(More)
Regression equations for BOD5, total nitrogen and total phosphorus were developed to estimate loads at the European scale. Annual loads from between 79 and 106 large European river basins for three different time periods (1988 – 1992, 1993 -1997, 1998-2002) were regressed against a range of catchmentment characteristics. BOD5 was best related to runoff,(More)
Abstract Finnish agriculture is likely to undergo major changes in the near and intermediate future. The ifuture policy context can be examined at a general level by strategic scenario building. Computer-based modelling in combination with agricultural policy scenarios can in turn create a basis for the assessments of changes in environmental quality(More)
Turbidity datasets recorded by sensors during 2009-2012 were collected in five observation sites in the 2046-km2 Karjaanjoki River Basin in southern Finland. From these and water sample-based data, total phosphorus (TP) and total suspended solids (TSS) fluxes were determined. Based on calculations made with combined sensor- and water sample-based dataset,(More)
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