Sirisha Ponduri

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether early routine grommet insertion in children with cleft palate has a beneficial effect on hearing and speech and language development compared with conservative management. DESIGN Systematic review of randomized controlled trials, controlled clinical trials, case series, and prospective and historical cohort studies. MAIN(More)
Infraocclusion is a condition frequently associated with primary molars. The infraoccluded primary teeth remain in a fixed position, while the teeth adjacent to them continue to erupt, moving occlusally. It is generally accepted that the cause of the altered occlusal level is ankylosis of the affected tooth. This report describes a case in which a short(More)
INTRODUCTION The antisialagogue atropine sulphate has been used for many years as an adjunct to orthodontic bonding to reduce moisture contamination. The aims of this study were to investigate the effect of atropine sulphate premedication on orthodontic bond failures and to evaluate the attitudes of patients and parents toward its use in orthodontics. (More)
This is an important publication by a group of authors with an international reputation and expertise in the fi elds of oral implantology and science of osseointegration. Clinical experience and incorporated knowledge over a period of more than 25 years is presented in this book in a clear and friendly manner. The fi rst two chapters briefl y introduce the(More)
The aim of this study was to measure loss of dentine produced by soft drinks alone and combined with tooth brushing with and without toothpastes. Groups of flat human dentine specimens were exposed for 10 min and then 30 min to orange juice (OJ), carbonated cola (CC) or modified blackcurrant (MB) drinks alone or after the exposures brushed with a fluoride(More)
The Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index is commonly used to evaluate occlusal outcomes after orthodontic treatment. We compared the PAR outcomes of 40 consecutively treated orthodontic patients and 40 orthognathic patients to evaluate the standard of care given. A patient-centred questionnaire was used to examine patients' perceptions of the benefits of(More)
Patients with impacted ectopic canines often present to Orthodontic and Oral and Maxillofacial units, with 85% being displaced palatally. Current orthodontic opinion suggests that the creation of adequate space ultimately allows the spontaneous eruption of most impacted canines, but we are often requested to operate to facilitate their eruption. There are(More)
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