Sirisha Patchipulusu

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The initiation of coagulation on biomaterials is attributed to the contact pathway of coagulation. However, recent discoveries of blood-borne tissue factor (TF) activity suggest that the TF pathway of coagulation may contribute to thrombosis on biomaterials. To evaluate the role of TF bearing microparticles to biomaterial thrombogenicity, the adhesion of(More)
This Letter reports a novel approach to the fabrication of a biomimicking surface by modification of an end-functionalizable smooth polymer cushion constructed via chemoselective ligation with a phospholipid-like molecule containing oxyamine groups. The mobility of a phospholipid bilayer formed by vesicle fusion on the phospholipid-like molecule terminated(More)
Recombinant tissue factor pathway inhibitor (rTFPI) was immobilized on collagen impregnated (CI) knitted Dacron surfaces and its resistance to fibrin deposition evaluated following exposure to nonanticoagulated whole blood. Recombinant TFPI readily adsorbed to the CI Dacron surface and maintained its inhibitory activity. Under static conditions, rTFPI(More)
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