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Our aim has been to determine whether carbohydrate distribution in the oviducts of progesterone-treated animals is comparable with that of seasonal breeders in Rana tigrina. Like many other anurans, R. tigrina oviduct exhibits a short straight portion (pars recta, pr) at the beginning followed by a long, highly coiled portion (pars convoluta, pc).(More)
We have recently shown that water-soluble materials from the egg extracellular cortical rods (wsCRs) exert the ability to induce the sperm acrosome reaction in Penaeus monodon. In this study, we further demonstrated that the thrombospondin protein family (TSP) existed in wsCRs, and that their mRNA transcripts were detected in developing oocytes as early as(More)
The mud crab, Scylla olivacea, is one of the most economically valuable marine species in Southeast Asian countries. However, commercial cultivation is disadvantaged by reduced reproductive capacity in captivity. Therefore, an understanding of the general and detailed anatomy of central nervous system (CNS) is required before investigating the distribution(More)
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