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Augmentation as affixation in Athabaskan languages
This paper suggests that a certain case of unity which has been analysed as phonologically and morphologically motivated requires a purely morphological analysis. Expand
Jicarilla Apache
Jicarilla Apache is an Eastern Apachean language, a member of the Athabaskan family of North American languages. The speech described here is that of one of the authors, Merton Sandoval of Dulce, NewExpand
Multimedia Technology in Language and Culture Restoration Efforts at San Juan Pueblo: A Brief History of the Development of the Tewa Language Project.
eTewa Language Project CD-ROM was developed at the University of Washington for San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico, as part of the Pueblo's aim to restore the use of spoken Tewa in everyday life and in3Expand
Archival phonetics: Tone and stress in Tanana Athabaskan
This article describes the results of an archival experiment carried out in support of a phonological description of the compared prosodies of two dialects of Tanana Athabaskan - Minto and Salcha.Expand
Phonetics and word definition in Ahtna Athabascan
Abstract This article investigates the question of word definition in a polysynthetic language, Ahtna Athabascan. Syntactic models of polysynthetic languages cannot explain why some syntactic stringsExpand
Ejectives in Tanana Athabaskan
Ejectives in Athabaskan languages have been investigated phonetically by Lindau (1984), McDonough and Ladefoged (1993), in Navajo, and by Davis and Hargus (1994, 1996) in Babine/Witsuwit’en. In theExpand
The Alaskan Athabascan Grammar Database
A repository of example sentences in three endangered Athabascan languages: Koyukon, Upper Tanana, Lower Tanana allows researchers or language teachers to browse the example sentence corpus to either investigate the languages or to prepare teaching materials. Expand