Sirajudheen Majeed

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Cardiac biomarkers are protein molecules released into the bloodstream from heart muscle damaged by a blocked artery and, these enzymes are measured to have a general idea of how much muscle damage has been done. They were known as cardiac enzymes, but the recently discovered and most accurate biomarker troponin is not an enzyme. Cardiac enzymes are used to(More)
The findings of an expert panel convened to review critically how best to apply evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of acute pain in the Middle East region are presented. The panel recommended a three-step treatment protocol. Patients with mild-to-moderate levels of acute pain should be treated with paracetamol (step 1). If analgesia is insufficient(More)
Cosmetics are the products that are created for application on the body for the purpose of cleansing, beautifying or altering appearance and enhancing the beauty. The market research shows upward trend in the herbal trade with the herbal cosmetic industry playing a major role in fueling this worldwide demand for herbals. The objective of the present work is(More)
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