Siraj Akhtar

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A general circuit-based model of LC oscillator phase noise applicable to both white noise and 1 noise is presented. Using the Kurokawa theory, differential equations governing the relationship between amplitude and phase noise at the tank are derived and solved. Closed form equations are obtained for the IEEE oscillator phase noise for both white and 1(More)
We present a high magnetic coupling, low loss, stacked balun using a thick aluminum bonding metal layer over a thick copper layer. The thick copper is used to realize a differential primary input winding that resides directly underneath a single ended spiral winding using the aluminum. The spiral forms the single ended secondary output of the balun and is(More)
A transformer-based receiver designed in 45nm CMOS that meets WCDMA, GSM, GPRS, and EDGE system requirements is presented. The receiver requires no interstage SAW filters and consumes 20mA from 1.4V. The use of a transformer at the LNA output helps achieve high linearity by lowering the voltage swing while simultaneously providing current gain. The analog(More)
A new approach for the electro-thermal modeling of LDMOSFETs for power-amplifier design that bypasses pulsed-IVs and pulsed-RF measurements is presented in this paper. The existence of low-frequency dispersion in LDMOSFETs is demonstrated by comparing pulsed IVs with iso-thermal IVs. The modeling technique uses iso-thermal IV and microwave measurements to(More)
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