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E-commerce is a paradigm shift and a disruptive innovation that is radically changing the traditional way of doing business. Although the benefits of E-Commerce diffusion among adopters have been published, little research focuses on the adoption and diffusion algorithm of E-Commerce application has been reported. This paper firstly reviewed the related(More)
In the advent of the information era, e-commerce has developed rapidly and has become significant for every business. With the advanced information technologies, firms are now able to collect and store mountains of data describing their myriad offerings and diverse customer profiles, from which they seek to derive information about their customers' needs(More)
The design process of ship concept definition is a key activity to minimize and reduce the future manufacture costs. Moreover, the concept design determines the final ship product and ship form, and the basic structure. Much of the ship's potential added value is set by concept design. The paper presented a based process conceptual design model of ship. The(More)
T AbstractT —E-commerce and e-business (henceforth referred to e-commerce) has moved to the forefront of technology priorities, and it can help firms to do everything faster, better and cheaper. More and more conventional brick and mortal firms regard e-commerce initiatives as offering strategic opportunities to transcend their normal operations. To take(More)
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