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The automatic segmentation of the prostate and rectum from 3D computed tomography (CT) images is still a challenging problem, and is critical for image-guided therapy applications. We present a new, automatic segmentation algorithm based on deformable organ models built from previously segmented training data. The major contributions of this work are a new(More)
We present a new variational level-set-based segmentation formulation that uses both shape and intensity prior information learned from a training set. By applying Bayes' rule to the segmentation problem, the cost function decomposes into shape and image energy parts. The shape energy is based on recently proposed nonparametric shape distributions, and we(More)
This paper studies automated bilateral negotiation among self-interested agents in complex application domains which consist of multiple issues and real-time constraints and where the agents have no prior knowledge about their opponents’ preferences and strategies. We describe a novel negotiation approach called OMAC (standing for “Opponent Modeling and(More)
Complex negotiations among rational autonomous agents is gaining a mass of attention due to the diversity of its possible applications. This paper deals with a prominent type of complex negotiations, namely, multi-issue negotiation that runs under realtime constraints and in which the negotiating agents have no prior knowledge about their opponents’(More)
In this paper, we show how the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm can be used to sample shapes from a distribution defined over the space of signed distance functions. We extend the basic random walk Metropolis-Hastings method to high-dimensional curves using a proposal distribution that can simultaneously maintain the signed distance function property and the(More)
PURPOSE The inflammatory process plays a major role in the pathogenesis of AMD, and recent data indicate the involvement of inflammasomes. Inflammasomes are intracellular structures that trigger inflammation by producing mature interleukin-(IL)-1β and IL-18. This study examined the capacity of 7-ketocholesterol (7KCh), an oxysterol that accumulates in the(More)
This work describes an automated negotiation agent called OMAC which was awarded the joint third place in the 2012 Automated Negotiating Agent Competition (ANAC 2012). OMAC, standing for “Opponent Modeling and Adaptive Concession”, combines efficient opponent modeling and adaptive concession making. Opponent modeling is achieved through standard wavelet(More)
To predict the market trends, to improve enterprise performance, and for the smarter business outcomes, Business intelligence (BI) "an integrated set of tools, technologies and programmed products that are used to collect, integrate, analyze and make data available", become the basic need for the businesses. Due Economic, technological and(More)