Sipke Hoekstra

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This paper examines factors that are essential for a successful implementation of healthcare informatics in professional curricula. These factors are related to the design framework of the learning materials that have been developed as a part of a Dutch model curriculum of healthcare informatics. Next some ideas and suggestions for a successful(More)
In the changing Dutch energy market, the ageing gas distribution grid needs investments. There is, however, a large uncertainty regarding certain aspects that affect the future role of this gas distribution grid, such as the eventual share of biomethane in the gas mix, whether power-to-gas will take-off and the expected lifetime of the grid. Hence, it is(More)
From the beginning a coherent approach to health informatics education has been aimed for in our project to develop learning materials. The features are the thematic approach of the contents, the interrelationship of the modules and the didactical approach embedded in the learning materials. Following results have been achieved. Learning materials have been(More)
The longitudinal pressure profile is an important parameter when calculating the correct blowing force during the process of installing optical fiber cables using the viscous flow of air. This paper presents a model of the pressure inside the duct that contains a moving cable. This new model of the pressure profile is used to calculate the blowing force and(More)
The Dutch gas distribution grid faces several changes in the near future. Currently, the grid handles only one gas type, namely Groningen gas, however, the future gas distribution grid is expected to handle multiple gas types. First of all, the share of green gas in the gas supply is expected to increase from the current share of 0.1% to 8 12% in 2020.(More)
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