Siping Tang

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The title complex, [FeZn(C(5)H(5))Cl(2)(C(20)H(14)N(3))]·CH(3)CN, is composed of one Zn(II) atom, one 4'-ferrocenyl-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine (fctpy) ligand, two Cl atoms and one acetonitrile solvent mol-ecule. The Zn(II) atom is five-coordinated in a trigonal-bipyramidal geometry by the tridentate chelating fctpy ligand and two Cl atoms.
The title complex, [CuFe(C(5)H(5))(C(20)H(14)N(3))(C(12)H(8)N(2))](ClO(4))(2)·C(2)H(3)N, consists of a mononuclear [Cu(C(12)H(8)N(2))(C(25)H(19)FeN(3))](2+) cation, two ClO(4) (-) anions (one of which is disordered over two positions with equal occupancy) and one CH(3)CN solvent mol-ecule. The Cu(II) center has a distorted square-pyramidal coordination with(More)
In the title compound, [Co(C(6)H(5)N(2)O(4))(2)(H(2)O)(2)]·2C(3)H(7)NO, the Co(II) ion lies on an inversion center and adopts a slightly distorted CoN(2)O(4) octa-hedral geometry binding two bidentate chelating 5-carb-oxy-2-methyl-1H-imidazole-4-carboxyl-ate (H(2)MIDA(-)) monoanionic ligands and two axial aqua ligands. In the crystal structure,(More)
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