Siobhán North

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Despite being widely known and accepted in industry, the Z formal specification language has not so far been well supported by automated verification tools, mostly because of the challenges in handling the abstraction of the language. In this paper we discuss a novel approach to building a model-checker for Z, which involves implementing a translation from(More)
This paper presents a performance analysis of strategies for storing XML data sets in relational databases, focusing on XML datasets that are a combination of structured and semi-structured data. The analysis demonstrates advantages of a hybrid approach combining structure mapping and XML data type instances. However problems remain with current technology(More)
Logging is an important process in databases and is used for recovery and security purposes. Logging in XML databases has rarely been discussed in the literature. In this paper the Xlog file is presented as a dynamic and temporary log file for XML databases. It is used, not for recovery, but to calculate user trust values by recording users' bad(More)