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—The rapid growth of data volume and the accompanying congestion problems over the wireless networks have been critical issues to content providers. A novel technique, termed as coded cache, is proposed to relieve the burden. Through creating coded-multicasting opportunities, the coded-cache scheme can provide extra performance gain over the conventional(More)
There has been significant interest in studying security games for modeling the interplay of attacks and defenses on various systems involving critical infrastructure, financial system security, political campaigns, and civil safeguarding. However, existing security game models typically either assume additive utility functions, or that the attacker can(More)
Strategically allocating resources to protect targets against potential threats in an efficient way is a key challenge facing our society. From the classical interdiction game to the recently proposed Stackelberg Security Game, applying computational game models to the security domain has made a real-world impact on numerous fields including military attack(More)
Recent studies show that the coded caching technique can facilitate the wireless content distribution by mitigating the wireless traffic rate during the peak-traffic time, where the contents are partially prefetched to the local cache of mobile devices during the off-peak time. The remaining contents are then jointly coded and delivered in multicast, when(More)
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