Sinji Yamamoto

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We report a patient of chorea-acanthocytosis (CA), presenting with dilated cardiomyopathy and myopathy. The patient, 40-year-old male, was seen in our clinic because of progressive gait disturbance. Neurologically, he had chorea, tic, dystonia, diminished tendon reflexes and mild muscular atrophy and weakness. Serum creatine kinase level was elevated to(More)
A cohort of patients operated at the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo for rectal carcinoma, at or below the peritoneal reflection, was reviewed retrospectively. The purpose was to study the risk factors for local relapse and the patterns of local recurrence. Three hundred fifty-one patients operated between 1993 and 2002 for rectal carcinoma, at or(More)
We report a case of multiple intracranial cavernous angiomas with serial clinical examination and with MRI imaging for 10 years. The patient, 72 years old woman, had slowly progressive postural tremor and Parkinsonism followed by dementia. Pathological confirmation of cavernous angioma was obtained. At the age of 62, brain MRI study demonstrated(More)
A 65-year-old woman was seen in our clinic because of a 4-year history of slowly progressive left hand clumsiness and left limping. Neurologically, she had left-side spastic hemiparasis including her tongue, hand clumsiness, limb ataxia, constructional apraxia, and memory impairment. Dementia, parkinsonism and lower motor neuron sign were not confirmed. MRI(More)
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