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Commercial TMR heads for hard disk drives: characterization and extendibility at 300 gbit/in/sup 2/
Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) reading heads at an areal density of 80-100 Gbit/in/sup 2/ in a longitudinal magnetic recording mode have for the first time been commercialized for both laptop andExpand
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Tunneling magnetoresistive heads beyond 150 Gb/in/sup 2/
Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) readers capable of 150 Gb/in/sup 2/ of areal density magnetic recording for hard disk drive were demonstrated with bit-error-rate performance. The head design used isExpand
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Direct and reverse overwrite processes in perpendicular recording
Excellent overwrite (OVW) performance has to be guaranteed for two cases, namely, the case where a low frequency (LF) background data pattern is overwritten by a high frequency (HF) data pattern andExpand
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