Sini Kilpeläinen

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate compliance by age, gender, and screening round in the population based Stockholm/Gotland colorectal cancer screening programme. METHODS All individuals aged between 60 and 69 living in the counties of Stockholm and Gotland (Sweden) have, since 2008, successively been included in a colorectal cancer screening programme using biennial(More)
PURPOSE The primary aim was to describe patients with Head and Neck (H&N) cancer referred to palliative care and how the care transition from acute oncological to palliative care impacted on both Health related quality of life (HRQoL) and information. The secondary aim was to explore H&N cancer patients' HRQoL and perceived information. METHODS H&N cancer(More)
Inspired by the model by Walter and Day for risk of cervical cancer following negative screens, one might hypothesize that women in a mammography screening programme with a certain number of negative screens had a lower remaining breast cancer risk than that of women in general. We studied whether number of negative screens was a predictor for a low(More)
OBJECTIVES Mammography screening programme sensitivity is evaluated by comparing the interval cancer rate (ICR) with the expected breast cancer incidence without screening, ie. the proportional interval cancer rate (PICR). The PICR is usually found by extrapolating pre-screening incidence rates, whereas ICR is calculated from data available in the screening(More)
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