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1 The authors are pleased to join in the felicitation of Prof. Hyun-Ku Rhee through this article that is devoted to modeling as a hopefully fitting tribute to an outstanding member of the chemical engineering profession. Abstract− − − −A comprehensive parametric study for a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis process has been conducted to investigate the(More)
The genetic organization of two different 5-nitroimidazole (5-Ni) resistance genes was investigated: nimC and nimD from Bacteroides plasmids pIP419 and pIP421, respectively. The nimC gene (492 bp) and the nimD gene (495 bp) directed the synthesis of polypeptides with deduced molecular masses of 18.37 kDa and 18.48 kDa, respectively. The predicted proteins(More)
The asymptotic stability regions for the patterned steady-state solution in a two-particle catalytic CSTR, established by Arce and Ramkrishna (1991, A.IC1I.E. J. 37,98-l lo), are constructed using two approaches, Liapunov's direct method and the construction of a trapping region. In addition, the trapping regions are also constructed for uniform(More)
Following Trinh and Ramkrishna (1996a, Chem. Engng Sci., in press), spatial patterns due to steady-state multiplicity in catalyst particles in a packed-bed catalytic reactor is investigated further under isothermal conditions. In this work, axial dispersion is included in the fluid phase while the assumption of lumped resistance to transport (within the(More)
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