Singu R Mangaleshkar

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Simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement has been advocated for bilateral symptomatic arthritis of the knee. The alternative is staged bilateral total knee replacement. We retrospectively reviewed all the total knee replacements performed in our hospital between January 1996 and July 1999. A total of 455 patients had 533 total knee replacements: 54(More)
One hundred nine primary uncemented, rotating-platform, low-contact stress total knee arthroplasties in 85 patients were reviewed 4 to 12 years after the operation as a prospective study on consecutive cases. All patients were followed up annually with subjective questionnaires and radiological assessment. At the time of final review, 69 patients with 87(More)
We reviewed 72 patients with 89 Denham total knee arthroplasties (Biomet, Warsaw, IN) (TKAs) 10 to 15 years after the operation. Of 8 TKAs that were considered as failures, 5 had been revised at the time of review for pain and aseptic loosening, and 3 others were considered to have failed because of breakage of the polyethylene tibial plateau, dislocation,(More)
BACKGROUND Informed consent in the modern era is a common and important topic both for the well-informed patient and to prevent unnecessary litigation. However, the effectiveness of informed consent in trauma patients is an under-researched area. This paper aims to assess the differences in patient recall of the consent process and desire for information by(More)
The authors report a rare case of piriformis pyomyositis, in a teenage rugby player, who was initially feverish and presented to us with low back pain, sciatica and inability to mobilise due to pain. Subsequent imaging investigations (MRI scan) revealed abscess formation in the piriformis muscle with compression effect on the ipsilateral sciatic nerve. A(More)
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