Singgih S. Wibowo

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A model helicopter is more difficult to control than its full scale counterpart. This is due to its greater sensitivity to control inputs and disturbances as well as higher bandwidth of dynamics. This work is focused on designing practical tracking controller for a small scale helicopter following predefined trajectories. A tracking controller based on(More)
Chitosan (Chi), a protein recovery agent for the treatment of aqueous food processing streams, appears to work by mechanical entrapment and electrostatic interaction of chitosan amino groups with anionic groups on proteins. Chitosan effectiveness for recovering soluble proteins from surimi wash water (SWW) is increased by complexation with alginate (Alg)(More)
Previous research has shown that soluble protein recovery by chitosan (Chi) complexes with polyanions such as alginate (Alg) is more effective than using chitosan alone. In this study, Chi-Alg complexes were used to recover soluble proteins from surimi wash water (SWW) slightly acidified to pH 6. Six Chi samples differing in molecular weight (MW) and degree(More)
Soluble proteins from surimi wash water (SWW) precipitated using a chitosan-alginate (Chi-Alg) complex and recovered by centrifugation were freeze-dried. Analysis showed that SWW proteins (SWWP) had a crude protein content of 73.1% and a high concentration of essential amino acids, for example, 3% histidine, 9.4% lysine, 3.7% methionine, and 5.1%(More)
Despite Indonesia's high marine biodiversity, there is a lack of information regarding fish parasites in Indonesian waters. During a sampling of 136 teleost species from Indonesian waters, 22 of them were infected with larvae of Anisakis Dujardin, 1845, a genus with zoonotic potential. We genetically identified 118 worms, provide a revision of all available(More)
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