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Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is an important, avoidable factor associated with low birth weight. Maternal age is also associated with variations in birth weight. Using birth certificate data from all 347,650 singleton births for which maternal age and birth weight were recorded during 1984-1988 in Washington State, this study investigated birth weight(More)
A questionnaire study of men in a wastewater treatment plant of a petroleum refinery showed twice the rate of fetal loss in the period during employment in the plant compared with the periods before and after. Questions regarding the interpretation of that study and continuing concern about reproductive risk prompted us to perform a cross sectional(More)
We evaluated peritoneal membrane transport status (high, high-average, low-average, and low) of 35 patients on persistent peritoneal dialysis (PD) for 5-16 years. We noted that most of these patients (n = 21) had low-average transport by dialysate-to-plasma creatinine (D/PCr) ratio.
In a regional CAPD program in Northern Alberta, Canada, the peritonitis rates among patients undergoing CAPD treatment were quite high: 1/8.3 and 1/7.4 per patient month from a population of 75 and 76 patients in 1989 and 1990 respectively. Our patient population is comprised of different ethnic groups, separated widely from the dialysis centre; over half(More)
Introduction: Ambulatory surgery is a standard of care for many surgical procedures due to cost-effectiveness and benefits to patients including the reduced risk of contracting hospital infection by reducing the hospital stay. However, late cancellations can be costly. We examined the utilisation of the surgical day ward in our institution over a four-year(More)
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