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We use detailed observational data constructed from daily passenger-level logbooks and weekly surveys to study the intertemporal labor supply decisions of Kenyan bicycle taxi drivers, while generating variation in cash on hand through randomized cash payouts. We document three key facts: (1) drivers work more in response to both unexpected and expected cash(More)
The welfare impact of expanding access to bank accounts depends on whether accounts crowd out pre-existing financial relationships, or whether private gains from accounts are shared within social networks. In this experiment, we provided free bank accounts to a random subset of 885 households. Across households, we document positive spillovers: treatment(More)
This paper examines the role of bank lending frictions and the housing-collateral lending channel for small business credit during the Great Recession. I use a new dataset from the leading online accounting software in the United States, with millions of financial transactions, links to banks, and owner and firm addresses for small businesses. Using the(More)
  • Sindy Li
  • Chinese journal of population science
  • 1990
The economic problem of women in China is discussed in terms of the diversification of women's jobs, the growth in women's employment rate, and improvements in women's employment structure. Any change in women's employment status must be compatible with social production forces of labor organization patterns and the demand in professional fields. Fields(More)
Using detailed data on labor supply and daily shocks among 257 bicycle taxi drivers in Western Kenya, we show that labor supply responds to both unexpected and expected demands on income on the day money is needed, but does not adjust in days prior to expected needs. We find that the quitting hazard within a given work day increases discontinuously once(More)
This paper studies the intertemporal labor supply decisions of bicycle taxi drivers in Western Kenya, using detailed observational data on labor supply and cash needs constructed from daily passenger-level logbooks. To test between models of labor supply, we provide drivers with random cash payouts on unannounced days. We document four key facts: (1)(More)
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