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A renewed interest in breeding barley specifically for food end-uses is being driven by increased consumer interest in healthier foods. We conducted association mapping on physicochemical properties of barley that play a role in food quality and processing including grain hardness, polyphenol oxidase activity, total phenolics, amylose content, and β-glucan.(More)
The primary idea of the project is to change the mind-set of the user by providing various kinds of media or activities with the help of Sentiment Analysis. The user's current mind-set is detected using sentiment analysis and the negative emotion is countered by showing appropriate media to the user. The input will be the emotional state of user in(More)
The data in this article are related to the research entitled, "Assessment of 1H NMR-based metabolomics analysis for normalization of urinary metals against creatinine" (M. Cassiède, S. Nair, M. Dueck, J. Mino, R. McKay, P. Mercier, B. Quémerais, P. Lacy, 2016) [1]. This article describes the analysis of urinary metabolites in normal, healthy individuals by(More)
Clustering is a technique used in data mining that groups similar objects into one cluster, while dissimilar objects are grouped into different clusters. The clustering techniques can be categorized into partitioning methods, hierarchical methods, density-based methods and grid-based methods. The different partitioning methods studied here are k-means and(More)
In this paper, the aim is to build a hybrid Word Sense Disambiguation(WSD) technique, which is acutely focused on text associated with a certain form of visual. Natural language processing helps establish a context among the data elements that are aggregated to establish a certain meaning. Analyzing transcripts of visuals being uploaded in real-time saves(More)
The World Wide Web has grown over the years from simple hypertext documents to highly interactive pages, where users can also contribute to the content by posting comments and so on. However, most data is extremely unstructured and cannot be easily automatically processed by machines. Presently, most search engines are keyword based and searches may also(More)
Almost all the search engines that exist retrieve web pages by finding the exact keywords. The traditional keyword-based search engines suffer many problems, like synonyms and terms similar to keywords are not taken into account to search web pages, they treat all keywords as the same importance and cannot differentiate the importance of one keyword from(More)
A single sensor cannot predict all the information accurately. So in this topic, we make use of multiple sensors in order to get all the information accurately and performing the activity of data fusion which fuses the data of all the information that we get from sensors. Data fusion has been under research for past decade. It has various applications some(More)
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