Sinclair Manson

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  • S. Manson, R. Powell, A. W. Stark, H. M. Thomas
  • 2000
In the research literature on UK take-overs there seems to be an apparent conundrum. First, it appears that, in general, the market anticipates overall equity cash flow gains from a take-over in the sense that the share price of the acquiree firm typically increases relative to some appropriately market-adjusted benchmark over the period of time from the(More)
This article is a case study of a dual-primary redundant automatic decoupling system (ADS) for a critical petrochemical process. GPIC selected a new dual-primary redundant ADS to island its system from the external system disturbances. The operation of an as-built ADS was validated against a real-time digital simulation system. Real-time system modeling(More)
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