Sinchai Kamolphiwong

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Mobile IPv6 protocol allows a single Mobile Node (MN) to keep the same IPv6 address independently of its network of attachment. One of these extensions, Network Mobility (NEMO) Basic Support protocol is an extension Mobile IPv6. NEMO signaling is performed with extended Mobile IPv6 messages. NEMO Basic Support protocol is concerned with managing the(More)
Web services for Personal Health Records (PHRs) have been deployed increasingly. However, the benefit of using PHR is still limited due to difficulty of understanding health information as well as its flexibility. Even semantic web approaches have been implemented in this domain; it is still hard to find a good practice one. To overcome this problem, we(More)
Web-based session mobility system is capability of moving HTTP session from one device to another device without interrupted and seamless web access, User may be continue using web applications at the same point on a new device without re-login or re-type any information. Web application working on HTTP is stateless protocol. A number of approaches to track(More)
In this project, we have developed the computer assisting tool for persons who have hand moving problems. This software tool will help them to use a computer for those who cannot use mouse and keyboard properly. The tool detects human eyes and face actions to control mouse and keyboard as a pointer and input devices. Our project uses inexpensive equipment,(More)
In this day, the necessity of security and protection of computer information on network has become more and more important. In cryptography, asymmetric-key is the framework with high flexibility which can be applied to most of cryptographic systems using today. To reduce the encryption and decryption time which is the main drawback of asymmetric-key(More)
SIP-based Internet Telephony is an increasingly popular communication system that is used by various users and organizations. Most of deployments are based on client/server model in traditional SIP system. Especially, conferencing function is used for voice/video conference include file transfer and share remote applications through internet network. The(More)
To handle several online examination settings, a web-based application test management software, namely interactive examination management system (iEMS), is proposed in this paper. The outstanding points of the proposed system are its good architecture designs, ease of uses, rich features, flexibilities and extensibilities. Seven standard types of questions(More)
Enhanced route optimization for mobile IPv6 applies cryptographically generated addresses (CGAs) to improve security and reduce handover delays. However the use of CGAs requires computationally expensive algorithms. This may be an issue for small mobile devices with low processing power. It is a problem for correspondent nodes that simultaneously(More)
Nowadays not only many of research works with various international networks are increasing more and more but also commercial works are increasing with different international networks. In this paper, we have constructed the overlay multicast testbed with KOREN and TEIN2 network, and then we also analyze and research many works with the data got from the(More)
In mobile IP, the home agent (HA) is an essential component. Mobile nodes will not function properly if the HA cannot be reached. Enhanced Route Optimization applies the Cryptographically Generated Home Address in the Mobile IPv6, to enhance the security and reduce the handoff delays. Unfortunately, it cannot provide home prefix validation. Communication(More)