Sinan Uğur Umu

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Noncoding RNAs are integral to a wide range of biological processes, including translation, gene regulation, host-pathogen interactions and environmental sensing. While genomics is now a mature field, our capacity to identify noncoding RNA elements in bacterial and archaeal genomes is hampered by the difficulty of de novo identification. The emergence of(More)
A critical assumption of gene expression analysis is that mRNA abundances broadly correlate with protein abundance, but these two are often imperfectly correlated. Some of the discrepancy can be accounted for by two important mRNA features: codon usage and mRNA secondary structure. We present a new global factor, called mRNA:ncRNA avoidance, and provide(More)
Elucidation of microRNA activity is a crucial step in understanding gene regulation. One key problem in this effort is how to model the pairwise interaction of microRNAs with their targets. As this interaction is strongly mediated by their sequences, it is desired to set up a probabilistic model to explain the binding between a microRNA sequence and the(More)
Motivation The aim of this study is to assess the performance of RNA-RNA interaction prediction tools for all domains of life. Results Minimum free energy (MFE) and alignment methods constitute most of the current RNA interaction prediction algorithms. The MFE tools that include accessibility (i.e. RNAup, IntaRNA and RNAplex) to the final predicted(More)
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