Sinan Tasdoken

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In this paper, we present region-based coding of medical images using integer wavelet transforms and the modified SPMT algorithm. Our method differs from previously reported region-of-interest (ROI) coders in such a way that the region-based integer wavelet transform is used to obtain the representation of the partitioned image plane rather than(More)
Region-based video coding schemes employed in MPEG-4 are also promising for still image coding applications where images contain a number of objects that can be encoded at different bit rates, such as compression of medical images for archiving and transmission. Motivated by this fact, in this letter we investigate multiregion multiquality (MRMQ) coding(More)
In this paper, we investigate region-based wavelet compression methods and describe a region-based coder based on the Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT) algorithm, called unbalanced spatial orientation trees (UBT), applied to digital mammograms. We compare this method against the region-based extension of SPIHT (ROI-SPIHT), and the ROI coding(More)
Region-based coding schemes, employed in JPEG-2000 and MPEG-4 standards, are promising for medical image compression. In most medical imaging applications, the diagnostically significant information is localized over multiple, arbitrary shape regions which require high quality coding and the rest of the image might be encoded with lower fidelity. Motivated(More)
Communication is possible if the signal from transmitter is demodulated properly in the receiver and the quality of the communication depends on the accuracy of demodulation. In this study, a digital receiver building is developed in order to demodulate variable symbol rate PSK or QAM modulated signal in a nosiy channel under carrier and symbol timing error(More)
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