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Existing methods of incorporating an active filter into an AC/DC converter for eliminating electrolytic capacitors usually require extra power switches. This inevitably leads to an increased system cost and degraded energy efficiency. In this paper, a concept of active-filter integration for singlephase AC/DC converters is reported. The resultant converters(More)
Tissue elasticity is closely related to the velocity of shear waves within biologic tissue. Shear waves can be generated by an acoustic radiation force and tracked by, e.g., ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measurements. This has been shown to be able to noninvasively map tissue elasticity in depth and has great potential in a wide range of(More)
—The increasing use of intermittent renewable energy sources to decarbonize electric power generation is expected to introduce dynamic instability to the mains. This situation is of particular concern for mini-grids or isolated grids in which wind and/or solar power sources are the dominant or the sole power sources. In this paper, we utilize the(More)
The combined use of surface acoustic wave (SAW) and phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PhS-OCT) is useful to evaluate the elasticity of layered biological tissues, such as normal skin. However, the pathological tissue is often originated locally, leading to the alternation of mechanical properties along both axial and lateral directions. We(More)
Shear wave propagation provides rich information for material mechanical characterization, including elasticity and viscosity. This Letter reports tracking of shear wave propagation in turbid media by laser-speckle-contrast analysis. The theory is described, and a Monte Carlo simulation of light shear wave interaction was developed. Simulation and(More)
Tissue viscosity is correlated with tissue pathological changes and provides information for tissue characterization. In this study, we report an optical method to track continuous shear-wave propagation at centimeter depths in an optically turbid medium. Shear-wave attenuation coefficients were measured at multiple frequencies using shear-wave laser(More)
Phase-change contrast agents in the form of nanoscale droplets can be activated into microbubbles by ultrasound, extending the contrast beyond the vasculature. This article describes simultaneous optical and acoustical measurements for quantifying the ultrasound activation of phase-change contrast agents over a range of concentrations. In experiments,(More)
Surface acoustic waves (SAWs) shows great potential in non-destructive mechanical characterization, it promises a non-invasive method of diagnosis of cirrhosis cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. This paper explores a rapid way to evaluate the elastic property of soft tissue mimicking phantom by the analysis of SAWs phase velocity. An electromagnetic shaker(More)
Shear wave speed is quantitatively related to tissue viscoelasticity. Previously we reported shear wave tracking at centimetre depths in a turbid optical medium using laser speckle contrast detection. Shear wave progression modulates displacement of optical scatterers and therefore modulates photon phase and changes the laser speckle patterns. Time-resolved(More)