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Tensegrity structures are spatial, reticulate and lightweight systems composed of struts and cables. Stability is provided by a self-stress state between tensioned and compressed elements. Tensegrities have received interest among scientists and engineers in fields such as architecture, civil and aerospace engineering. Flexibility and ease of tuning make(More)
Tensegrity structures are spatial, discrete and lightweight structures that are composed of struts in compression and pre-stressed cables. Stability is provided by the self-stress state between elements independently of external actions. Tensegrity structures are attractive due to their potential for deployability, ease of tuning and high precision control.(More)
In contrast to most other building materials the strength of glass is not a material parameter, but rather a combination of the material treatment and the load position effects. Structural glass elements are produced with heat treatment when compressive residual stresses are created on the surface. The loading position of glass specimen is also significant(More)
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