Sinan Kesici

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Dynamic adaptive HTTP streaming (DASH) is a new concept for video streaming using consecutive downloads of short video segments. 3GPP has developed the basic DASH standard which is further extended by the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) and MPEG. In all versions available to date, only very simple content protection use cases are enabled. Extensions are needed to(More)
We introduce a lightweight biometric solution for user authentication over networks using online handwritten signatures. The algorithm proposed is based on a modified Hausdorff distance and has favorable characteristics such as low computational cost and minimal training requirements. Furthermore, we investigate an information theoretic model for capacity(More)
We report in this document on the development of a multimodal authentication benchmark during the eNTERFACE’ 07 workshop. The objective of creating such a benchmark is to evaluate the performance of multimodal authentication methods built by combining monomodal authentication methods (i.e., multimodal fusion). The benchmark is based on a graphical user(More)
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