Sinan Filiz

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Successful application of many implantable medical devices often depends on the technique used for attaching the devices to living tissue. Although mechanical attachment techniques that use micro-scale piercing elements are very promising, the fabrication of the micro-scale piercing elements poses considerable challenges. In this paper, the use of the(More)
Polymeric micro-/nanofibers are finding increasing use as sensors for novel applications. Here, we demonstrate the ability to deposit an array of poly(methyl methacyrlate) fibers with micron and submicron diameters in aligned configurations on customized piezoelectric shakers. Using lateral motion of an atomic force microscope tip, fibers are broken to(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the actuation requirements of the flexible spline of a harmonic motor. The analysis accounts for the initial strain distribution required to bring the flexible spline into contact with the rigid spline, and proceeds to the derivation of the additional stress required to produce a given contact force for torque generation.(More)
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