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The spread of true and false news online
Lies spread faster than the truth There is worldwide concern over false news and the possibility that it can influence political, economic, and social well-being. To understand how false newsExpand
I.T. Assets, Organizational Capabilities and Firm Performance: Do Resource Allocations and Organizational Differences Explain Performance Variation?
Despite evidence of a positive relationship between information technology (IT) investments and firm performance, results still vary across firms and performance measures. We explore twoExpand
Distinguishing influence-based contagion from homophily-driven diffusion in dynamic networks
We develop a dynamic matched sample estimation framework to distinguish influence and homophily effects in dynamic networks, and apply this framework to a global instant messaging network of 27.4 million users. Expand
Identifying Influential and Susceptible Members of Social Networks
Who Influences Who? A goal in social science is how to assess people's influence over one. Aral and Walker (p. 337, published online 21 June) describe a generalized method for identifying influentialExpand
Introduction to the Special Issue - Social Media and Business Transformation: A Framework for Research
In this paper we outline a broad research agenda for understanding the relationships among social media, business, and society. Expand
Creating Social Contagion through Viral Product Design: A Randomized Trial of Peer Influence in Networks
We examine how firms can create word-of-mouth peer influence and social contagion by designing viral features into their products and marketing campaigns. Expand
Tie Strength, Embeddedness, and Social Influence: A Large-Scale Networked Experiment
We leverage the newly emerging business analytical capability to rapidly deploy and iterate large-scale, microlevel, in vivo randomized experiments to understand how social influence in networks impacts consumer demand. Expand
Which Came First, it or Productivity? Virtuous Cycle of Investment and Use in Enterprise Systems
We address this question by examining the productivity and performance effects of enterprise systems investments in a uniquely detailed and comprehensive data set of 623 large, public U.S. firms. Expand
Social Influence Bias: A Randomized Experiment
Follow the Leader? The Internet has increased the likelihood that our decisions will be influenced by those being made around us. On the one hand, group decision-making can lead to better decisions,Expand