Sinan Aksoy

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Network science is a powerful tool for analyzing complex systems in fields ranging from sociology to engineering to biology. This paper is focused on generative models of bipartite graphs, also known as twoway graphs. We propose two generative models that can be easily tuned to reproduce the characteristics of real-world networks, not just qualitatively,(More)
The school choice mechanism design problem focuses on assignment mechanisms matching students to public schools in a given school district. The well-known Gale Shapley Student Optimal Stable Matching Mechanism (SOSM) is the most efficient stable mechanism proposed so far as a solution to this problem. However its inefficiency is well-documented; recently(More)
The ability of respiratory mucosal surfaces to eliminate foreign particles and pathogens and to keep mucosal surfaces moist and fresh depends on mucociliary activity. Chronic renal failure (CRF) is an irreversible medical condition that may result in important extrarenal systemic consequences, such as cardiovascular, metabolic, and respiratory system(More)
The school choice problem concerns the design and implementation of matching mechanisms that produce school assignments for students within a given public school district. Previously considered criteria for evaluating proposed mechanisms such as stability, strategyproofness and Pareto efficiency do not always translate into desirable student assignments. In(More)
My research interests lie in spectral and extremal graph theory, as well as in the analysis of complex networks. A primary goal is to deduce fundamental structural graph properties from the spectrum of the graph or a few easily-computable invariants. In order to gain control over these invariants, extremal graph theory aims to tightly bound them and(More)
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