Sina Y. Caliskan

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Robustness is the property that a system only exhibits small deviations from the nominal behavior upon the occurrence of small disturbances. While the importance of robustness in engineering design is well accepted, it is less clear how to verify and design discrete systems for robustness. We present a theory of <i>input-output robustness</i> for discrete(More)
During the normal operation of a power system, all the voltages and currents are sinusoids with a frequency of 60 Hz in America and parts of Asia or of 50 Hz in the rest of the world. Forcing all the currents and voltages to be sinusoids with the right frequency is one of the most important problems in power systems. This problem is known as the transient(More)
With this paper we initiate a compositional analysis of multi-machine power systems consisting of the interconnection of generators, loads, and transmission lines. We provide sufficient conditions for transient stability that do not rely on the overall model of the multi-machine power system which can be very complex. Instead, we provide simple conditions(More)
The only change that needs to be made in the proof of [1, Theor. 2] when replacing (1) with (2) is in [1, (46)], where the equality is to be replaced with an inequality. With this change, [1, Theor. 2] follows. Hence, we make the following assumption. Assumption 1: The inequality (2) holds along every trajectory of the multimachine power system. Theorem 2(More)
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