Sina Manavi

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Cloud services are providing on-demand resources via virtualization technologies. This will make cloud computing a potential target for cyber attacks. Most proposed security models for virtualization are working above virtualization on host OS. Almost all proposed cloud security models suffers from this problem in that these models have very limited control(More)
cloud security is one of the buzz words in cloud computing. Since virtualization is the fundamental of the cloud computing, needs to study it more deeply to avoid attacks and system failure. In this research is focused on virtualization vulnerabilities. In addition it is attempted to propose a model to secure and proper mechanism to react reasonable against(More)
The Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol designed with the purpose of mobile ad hoc networks has numerous advantages such as low network utilization, fast adjustments to link conditions and low memory and processing overheads. However, if security is not considered in this protocol it is at risk to many attacks. The conventional methods(More)
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